ESV Blau-Gold Bischofsheim 1958 e.V. Abt. Offroad




10th international
Warm Up
24.-26. April 2015



11.-12. Juli 2015


3. Nachtfahren 1:10
1. Mai 2015


more to come!


10th international WarmUp 2015
Registration starts 17.01.2015 - 8:00pm

2. Nachtfahren am 23. August 2014
Ab Nachmittag können beide Strecken beleuchtet befahren werden!
Bilder vom letzten mal gibt es HIER

5. Hessencup und SM Lauf
12. / 13. Juli 2014 - ESV Bischofsheim

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Result 9th Warm-Up 2014:
Bilder Internationales Warm Up 2014
Definite Time Table Warm Up 2014:
Start of the Registration for the Warm Up 2014:
18.01.2014, 8PM

Homepage for the 9th International Warm Up 2014 is online now!
Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünscht der ESV Bischofsheim!


Official statement about cancellation of the Euro A 2014 at the Rhein-Main-Circuit / Germany:

After decision, that the Euro A will be held at our track, the club are very happy about it.

We started immediately with the formation of an organization team and also with a weekly meeting to discuss the To Do list, open points and the responsibilities too.

As result each member of the organization team got a lot of homework to do after regular work, after family matters and so on.

Maybe this one was one of the topic reasons for the change within the organization team.

We lose some members of the organization team and with this we lose helpful hands, helpful know how and each one of the decreasing organization team got a lot of additional tasks. As result of this some others discontinued the membership at the organization team too and the number of volunteers reduced dramatically.

At this point of time we looked for some new helping hands to reorganize the organization team, to reorganize tasks and responsibilities at the event.

Unfortunately, nobody could be motivated to spend some time for such a great event like the Euro at our track and the chance to present our club worldwide.

We are not happy about this result, but we got no other chance as to pull the plug.

The Euro A will be held at the track in Sand/Main and we wish all the best and a wonderful event for the new organizer and all participants too. 

Thank you for your understanding that we could got no other decision as to cancel a great event like this.